06 October 2014

Tip of the Day: Avoiding hot flashes

Hot flashes are one of those nasty complications of diabetes that we rarely talk about. Many women struggle to determine if their hot flashes are diabetes related (amazing what the sugar levels do to the body) or if we have to admit it may be menopausal. Common hot flash triggers include caffeine, heat, stress, and smoking. Avoid them and you may limit or avoid hot flashes. Controlling your blood sugar levels will also obviously help.

05 October 2014

Tip of the Day: Accept support

We all need a support system. Most hospitals offer free support groups. They generally meet once or twice a month and are specific to either Type 1 or Type 2. Some groups may be for Gestational or even a general support group. Your physician can also provide you a list of your local support groups.

03 October 2014

Tip of the Day: Protein

Protein is most obviously a vital part of your diet. However, there are many options other than steak and burgers to get your protein. Try eggs, cheese or peanut butter!

28 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Lotion up

High blood sugar can cause your skin to dry out and get itchy. Lotion will prevent cracking. I use Aveeno on my knees and elbows. I use a foot cream from Avon for my feet.

Photo: Dreamstime

26 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Recognize eating disorders

Diabetic women are more apt to have an eating disorder than women who are not diabetic. Bulimia is the most common eating disorder in women with type 1 diabetes; whereas, binge eating is more common among type 2 diabetics, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Bulimia is - simply stated - binge eating followed by a period of relieving oneself of the food. Binge eating is a period of uncontrolled eating. It often is followed by periods of fasting.

25 September 2014

Tip of the day: Get a pet

Get a pet! Pets can bring joy and companionship into your life. Having a pet can help you feel less alone.

At left is my baby!

23 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Be colorful

Be colorful! That is to say, your plate should be colorful. This gives you a wide variety of food. It is the best way to include fruits and veggies as well as meats and other proteins. Don't forget to include dairy products and some grains.

22 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Shop Smart

Shop Smart. What does that mean? Clip coupons? Look for sales? Yes, that's important but in this context, it actually is several tips combined into "shop smart."

* Do not shop while hungry. When you do this, you will not only buy more but it will not always be healthy choices.
* Make a list. This is admittedly always easier said than done. I tend to start a list and forget to add something or, more often than not, forget the list!
* Avoid the snack aisle. I can tell you where the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are in almost every store around me. I try to avoid that aisle! Whatever your vice, avoid it.
* Make healthy choices at the store. Meal planning is easier when you already have things stocked.
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Enterovirus D68 continues to spread

The respiratory illness known as Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) continues to spread across the nation, wreaking havoc in its path. Six cases have been reported here in Pennsylvania. Four of those cases were reported at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP).

Click HERE to read the full article as it appeared on Examiner.com this morning.

21 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Eat!

Today's tip ... eat! Seriously, do not skip meals. It not only lowers your blood sugar but, more often than not, we then to over-eat at the next meal when we skipped one. Your best choice is to eat balanced meals at regular intervals.

20 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Visit your local farmers market

Add some fruits and veggies to your meal plan. A great place to get fruit and veggies (assuming you do not grow your own) is your local Farmers Market. Here in Lancaster you can choose from Central Market, Roots Market, and Green Dragon, as well as many an Amish stand along the road.

Photo: Lancaster Central Market by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman

18 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day wisely

Imagine for a moment sinking your teeth into a hot juicy burger with the cheese lightly melted on it. I prefer mine plain just the cheese but many do not. Depending on your personal preference, you may enjoy ketchup or mustard on your burger. You may enjoy onions or lettuce. Whatever your preference ... my tip today: Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day wisely.

Your burger does not have to be beef. While I prefer lean beef, you might like bison or turkey or even a salmon burger. One recipe on Health.com suggests a mushroom and lentil patty with goat cheese.

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17 September 2014

Tip of the Day: Limit your salt intake

Salt raises one's blood pressure. As diabetics, we have an increased sensitivity to salt. This means high blood pressure is a common complication of diabetics. Hence, limit your salt intake.

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